Nice to meet you.

My personal greetings & thank you for visiting our website.

While making live edge wood tables and overseeing every detail of the creative process is top priority on our task list, we're here to answer your questions. Scroll down for more about who we are, where we come from and the latest news on any of our latest solid wood tables. Greetings from Slovakia and thank you for stopping by and checking our website.  


There's no fancy manifesto. Only this ever-appearing pattern we call our vision: bringing the beauty of unique wood into people's homes.

Fulfilling this strategy of ours via producing state-of-art, live edge tables is the answer to this calling. Call us dreamers since we take it as a compliment.

Every piece is an original, from the wood plank, the legs--the way it's made.

Therefore we value traditions, uniqueness and your desire for originality.

Lost & found. Slovakia. Europe

Small, yet big in a way. You may heard of Slovakia you may not. In any way, every piece of our tables are coming from this small country. The wood, the design, the craft--all proudly "Made in Slovakia".

Slovakia, Europe 

Slovakia, small country in the central part of Europe. Part of European Union since 2004. Using Euro currency.